Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

John Edwards on News Hour

Great Edwards Evening News Roundup Tonight

Edwards Evening News: How about Candidates go into "Truth Mode" Edition

Sun Oct 14, 2007 at 07:29:51 PM CDT

Some Candidates put Politics and Compromise above the concerns of the People they say they want to represent -- and some Candidates put the People first!

Some Candidates take the Voters for granted, and have already started their "General Election" rhetoric -- and some Candidates actually believe in meeting with the People, and earning Each Vote!

Since this is another edition of the Edwards Evening News Roundup, I don't suppose you'll need 3 guesses to figure out who is who in those scenarios!

Once again, John Edwards has been speaking with truth and cander, to make it perfectly clear to Voters, and to America too -- that THEY still DO have a choice, in who will lead America in the years ahead -- despite the fact Hillary acts like "it's a done deal."

John Edwards gets endorsement from the Friends of the Earth Action

Friends of the Earth Action

TomP has more

Today at an announcement event in Dover, New Hampshire, John Edwards won the endorsement of Friends of the Earth Action, one of the leading environmental groups in the country.

Friends of the Earth Action (FOE Action), one of the longest-standing, national environmental organizations in the country, today announced its endorsement of Senator John Edwards for President, citing his leadership on real solutions to combat global warming and his unequivocal position against dangerous and expensive nuclear power.


"John Edwards will bring dramatic, positive change and improvement to our nation's environmental policies. Most importantly, he will bring leadership in the preeminent environmental issue of our time -- the global warming crisis. John Edwards has set the pace among presidential candidates on global warming, and among the leading Democratic candidates, he has the best, most comprehensive global warming program."

John Edwards gets SEIU endorsement from Iowa and California

This means that California can help Edwards out in Iowa, but Illinois or New York can't help out Obama or Clinton.
At 5:30pm Monday ET in Iowa city, John Edwards will get SEIU-Iowa nod and the endorsement of other state affiliates, according to multiple sources. The endorsement, which the Edwards campaign refused to comment on, is key because it means that SEIU members and resources from other state organizations that endorse Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (think Illinois and New York SEIU chapters) cannot help their respective Iowa campaigns, according to SEIU rules.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Going on a trip

I will be gone until Friday, but I may be able to check in at night. Thanks!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Richardson Attacks Self to Defend Clinton

Richardson attacks Edwards for leaving only non-combat troops at the Iraq embassy. Funny thing is, Richardson would do the same thing.

Richardson would leave a small Marine contingent behind in Iraq to protect the U.S. Embassy.

Richardson's attack:
Edwards says that he would get all of the combat troops out of Iraq, but he would leave behind thousands of non-combat troops in the middle of a civil war. That is not ending the war...

Leaving behind thousands of non-combat troops contradicts Army doctrince and common sense. It is simply irresponsible...

History teaches us that putting undermanned forces in the middle of sectarian conflict, whether in Somalia, Lebanon, or anywhere else, is a recipe for disaster...

Speaking of "undermanned forces", Richardson would only put 1000 non-combat troops to guard the embassy while John Edwards says we need 3000-5000 non-combat troops.

Richardson effectively calls his own plan "a recipe for disaster."

Richardson uses a talking point that does more to defend Clinton's plan of leaving an undetermined number of combat troops in Iraq and carrying out combat missions than it does to defend Richardson's own position.

Richarson's joke of a criticism shows that he is more interested in attacking Edwards than he is in defending his own position. This leads me to believe that Richardson is more interested in being Clinton's VP than he is in winning the election himself.